Market Opportunity

Engage at home, off-line, on your own time.

There are many organizations, online resources, and tutorials offering interfaith couples the opportunity to learn about Judaism, connect with local institutions, or celebrate a holiday. Yet many couples are looking for something more simple: a low-barrier way to start a conversation with their partner about their backgrounds, their beliefs, and the traditions they hope to pass onto their children. These conversations can be fraught with anxiety, yet few resources exist to highlight the shared experiences of family, identity, and community. Share & Tell cards do just that, in your home, on your time.

Low-cost, self-contained product.

Share & Tell is a low-cost product designed to be printed and mailed directly to users or distributed by local organizations offering in-person or online programming or resources to interfaith couples or families. Each deck of 18 cards costs $18 to print and distribute, is self-contained, with directions on how to use the product, question cards, and planned accompanying online resources.  

Order your pack today!



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