How To: use Share & Tell

Who: Interfaith couples, families, and those who love them.

What: A deck of “conversation cards,” or cards with prompt questions. Find your partner, find your friend, find your office or whole family. The cards are designed for couples, but can be used to break the ice in a group too.

When: Whenever! Share & Tell is a self-contained deck of cards, designed to be used on your time. So open them up on a weekend, during the week, or on vacation.

Where: On your couch, on your road trip, at your local bar. Share & Tell cards are an offline resource to start conversations between you and your partner wherever and whenever you’re most comfortable.

Why: Conversations about your background, religious upbringing, current beliefs and traditions are important, especially when thinking about your future together.They’re also really scary to have with anyone, let alone your partner. Share & Tell can help make this process a bit lighter, a bit more manageable by giving you the tools to talk about who you’re named after or a favorite family vacation, instead of jumping right into how your family feels about your relationship.

How: Order a deck for yourself, your friend, your partner, your son/daughter, your neighbor, your office-mate!


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